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With today’s on-the-go mentality, it is no wonder why knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint people have when they visit their doctor. Depending on the injury or condition, some knee pain can be excruciating. That’s why millions of people seek knee pain relief. Knee pain relief will vary from person to person. Some may simply need to rest the leg to find knee pain relief, while others may only find knee pain relief after surgical procedures.

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Knee Pain Relief for Severe Knee Injuries

There are many types of injuries that cause severe knee pain. If you are an athlete, you are most likely familiar with knee pain resulting from torn ligaments, cartilage, or muscles. The more active you are, the more likely you are to experience knee pain from a sport-related injury. For a torn ligament, meniscal injury, or a completely ruptured tendon, doctors will usually recommend surgery in order to receive permanent knee pain relief.

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Knee Pain Relief for Knee Osteoarthritis

To receive knee pain relief from knee osteoarthritis (degeneration of the cartilage), exercise is necessary. Doctors will prescribe certain exercises and stretches that can greatly increase flexibility of the muscles that support the knee. These exercises will reduce stress on the sensitive knee joint. For instant knee pain relief, some people may take over-the-counter medication, such as Advil or Tylenol, to help with osteoarthritis soreness.

Knee pain can be debilitating, preventing you from doing the things you love. If you’re looking for relief, Omaha Integrated Health can help. We offer comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your specific needs, so you can get back to living life to the fullest. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Pain Relief for Overuse Knee Injuries

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can cause damage. Something as simple as overuse of the knees can cause people to seek knee pain relief. Muscle strains and tendonitis can develop as people grow older. Inflammation occurs, therefore leading to pain. Stains and tears must be treated with care and allowed to heal over time. Some people use ice or heating pads for knee pain relief. Others take over-the-counter medications

Pain and Inflammation

In treating many types of knee pain, inflammation is the first thing you must bring under control. When you have an injury, substances that cause inflammation invade your knee, causing further injury, which leads to further inflammation, and etc. leading to continuation of your knee pain. So, the substances that cause inflammation must be brought under control to limit further injury to the tissue.

Some common care techniques to control inflammation:

1. Knee padding.

2. Rest the knee.

3. Ice on the knee 3X a day for 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Knee brace or wrap when you are on your feet.

5. Prop the knee up higher than your waist whenever you can.

6. Use Ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory agent. NO aspirin.

7. Do all the above. If still pain after three days…see your doctor.

So, is your knee pain a slight annoyance or severe problem? Well, it all depends on what is causing your pain. If you feel a small amount of knee pain resulting from minor injury, you may be able to use self-help methods to find knee pain relief. However, if you experience a large amount of unbearable pain, or a nagging discomfort exists for a few of days, speak with your doctor to determine the correct knee pain relief plan for you.

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