Italian Food Culture

The Italian food society worries not only what we see at Italian tables or in an abundant Italian restaurant food selection.

It is something much deeper in Italians’ DNA.

Italians have some beliefs that go beyond education or tradition.

Concerning pasta

A simple instance could be the pasta shapes and their seasonings. Thinking about that amongst completely dry pasta (the ones you usually get inside paper or plastic bags that last for long) the distinction is only the shape of it, nothing else, the form itself is something really vital for Italians.

There’s a standard pasta sauce dish from Roma region called Pasta all’ amatriciana (it’s a tasty sauce made with tomatoes and bacon). Normally it’s offered making use of the bucatini pasta (sort of significant pastas with an opening in its middle). An Italian lady was disgusted hearing her hairdress informing her coworker that favored it with brief pasta. She claimed: “Don’t ask me why. It simply is as it is. Amatriciana needs to opt for lengthy pasta. Exactly how can one picture of cooking it with brief pasta?” The exact same chooses pasta with oil and also garlic (aglio e olio), you most likely will never see it served using any other pasta that isn’t pastas.


A lot of people around the globe beverage coffee and milk. In Italy, people make use of to consume alcohol cappuccino – a coffee as well as milk with addition of milk foam.

Around the globe people drink coffee and also milk whenever seems like doing it. Italians will certainly never request a coffee at night! Why? It is equally as it is. It’s not time to have a coffee. Cappuccino is for breakfast!

Italians do not accept someone that asks a coffee after, or perhaps worse, together with supper. They truly turn their nose when they see a person doing it.


In Italy there are bars almost everywhere. There are several little cities, having concerning 1,500 occupants that have around 20 bars.

It takes place due to the fact that drinking in Italy is connected with greetings. When an Italian fulfill a buddy, it’s all-natural to “consume something together”.

If it happens to serve a drink to somebody seat besides you, never turn the container or the bottle against the all-natural method of your hand. For instance, if you have the container in your right hand, the glass should be on the left side, never ever behind, on the appropriate side of your right hand. Or else it may not bring good luck.


In several countries it’s common to eat a salad as entryway.

Not in Italy.

Italians eat salad as a side plate for the second recipe. Currently you can find some traveler restaurants in primary cities that propose abundant salads for the travelers … however Italians never ever request them!

Italians respects lunch time. If you pertain to see Italy as well as want to have lunch, take note of restaurants’ closing times. Usually after 2:30 pm the cooking areas are all shut and you’ll need to consume a sandwich. If an Italian is traveling outdoors Italy, he will probably seek a dining establishment during lunch time. If he doesn’t or can not find one, and also finds one at 3:00 pm, he’ll probably claim that is not hungry any longer, that he uses to eat at that time otherwise he sheds his hunger.

Italians trust their food. While most of the travelers search for neighborhood food, considering it part of the getaway, it’s extremely common to see Italians searching for Italian dining establishments while abroad. They seem to be afraid of new as well as different food.

They begin to open themselves to new food when go outside Italy more frequently as well as discover to value as well as trust foreign cuisines.

Other than trusting as well as enjoying their own food, Italians hate when individuals try to blend other food societies with Italian ones. An instance? Never add catsup to a pasta dish! You can not picture how your Italian friend will look at you if you try to do so.

The intriguing in all these is that they do not do it for being arrogant, yet they really believe you’re squandering your preference. Italian society still has a great deal of “necessities” that go with generations that simply follow it without knowing why it is carried out in this or this way.

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